Mobile Macintosh technical solutions for the Portland Metro Area. 

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My name is Rory McLeod. I am an independent Macintosh computer technician located in Portland, Oregon.

My first experience with the Mac was when my mother brought home an Apple IIc when I was nine years old. I have been hooked ever since.

As a graphic designer for twelve years, I gained an intimate familiarity with the Mac and its various operating systems. During that time I became increasingly fascinated with how the Mac works. In fact, I decided that working with the Mac was what I really wanted to do. To hone my skills, I started off small; repairing broken iPods, PSPs, PS2s, etc. Of course all of this time I was working with Macs more and more.

As my skills developed further, I got a job working at the Portland Mac Store as a repair technician. There I got more hands-on experience, along with training from Apple certified instructors.

Ultimately, I decided that I would leave corporate life behind and work for myself. Working independently, I offer the highest quality service at a lower rate than the competition. At the same time, I can pass on my love of the Mac to others.

If my expertise can be of benefit to you or your company, I hope that you will let me show you what I can do for you.