Mobile Macintosh technical solutions for the Portland Metro Area. 

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When your machine goes down, Calling The Apple store isn’t an ideal solution for many people. You can’t get anyone to answer questions about your repair, or the cost to fix it. Often you have to schedule an appointment, only to find that you may be without your machine for up two weeks before you get a a repaired machine or know the final bill. At upwards of $125/hr, I think smaller is better.

My solution is simple. I work with people, not customers. I answer questions, I plan appointments around your schedule. I schedule jobs to allow for diagnostics within 3 days. My shop is the basement level of my home so I cut costs and charge $75/hr labor.

I have recently secured even more equipment and resources so that nearly all parts and repairs are performed locally, reducing repair times dramatically.

  • Hardware/software repair services including logic board repair, LCD replacement
  • Technical services for home/small business- initial setup and installation, system maintenance/repair, network setup/troubleshooting
  •  Hardware upgrades- RAM and battery installation, Hard drive upgrades, Dual-hard hard drive installations.
  • Apple TV/ iDevice Jailbreaking and repair (iPhone, iPad, iPod)
  • Tutoring and consulting for users of all experience levels in the use of Mac OS X, Mac Mail, Safari, iLife, iWork, and many other Apple-related products, as well as integration of your Mac with Windows, Google products, etc.
  • Data recovery and migration, system installation and upgrades, migrating Windows users to Mac OS X (It’s painless with Parallels!).